Informatica 8.6 Installation Guide

Informatica 8.6 Installation Guide

I. Pre-requisites:Step 1:

1)Window XP OS, Windows 2003 with SP2/R2+, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (SP1+), 11

2)At least one database(ex:Oracle,Sql,Teradata, etc..)


4)System should support Java ,

If all the above conditions are satisfied then continue installation with the help given below steps.

2. Download: To download informatica server follows below steps

2) open this link and fill the registration form and accept the terms and conditions

3) select product pack: oracle business intelligence

I) platform : Microsoft windows (32bit)

4) Click go.

5) select third option

II) Oracle Business Intelligence (10.1.3) Media Pack for Microsoft Windows (32-bit)

6) click continue

You will go to this link (don’t copy and paste it will not work) )

7) download
a) Informatica PowerCenter and PowerConnect Adapters 8.6.1 for Windows x86 (32-bit) (Part 1 of 2)

b) Informatica PowerCenter and PowerConnect Adapters 8.6.1 for Windows x86 (32-bit) (Part 2 of 2)

c) similarly select for 64 bit if u have 64 bit OS

d) download that 2 files

e) it will be at least more than 2 GB

II) Extract the setup file

Step 2: Extract the setup files in a common folder.

Step 3: To start the installation of Informatica 8.6, Click on bat file:

II) Installation of informatica server
Step 4: Welcome window of setup simple click on next:

Step5: Here simply click on Next button.

Step 6: Select the license key by using browse button. It will be available on CD

Step 7: Click on Next button.

Step8: Click on Next button.

Step 9: Read prerequisites and Click on next:

Step 10: Select installation directory and simple click on next:

Step 11:HTTPS configuration.

This configuration will enable secure communication between Admin console and Service manager.If you are not an advanced user, don’t think too much about this option at this moment. Just let it be like this image.

Step12:- Now installation wizard will start actual process. It may take about one minute. You will be having screens like..

Step 13: Configure Domain Database

• Select database type
• Database URL: ComputerName:portno
• Ex:abc-pc:1521
• To find the computer name: Go to my computer properties computer Name tab.
• Database userId: give user name according to database validation
• Password: give password name according to database validation
• Database service name: Orcl
• Find database service name:
• Control Panel–Administrative tools–Services

Step 14: Now “Test connection”. If everything is fine, you will get a message like

Step15:- Information for PowerCenter domain.

Enter Domain name, Node name, Domain user name & Password of your choice.

Domain host name:- either machine name or localhost (assuming local installation).

Step16:- Wait for a moment. Configuration is going on behind the screen.

Step17:- This will be last Step in Informatica PowerCenter 8.6 server installation
If you want to run Informatica Services under a different user account, check the box and provide credentials. Else uncheck the box.

Step18:- Once you click Next, you will get Post-installation Summary screen, saying that Installation status is successful.

Installation Status: SUCCESS
The PowerCenter 8.6.0 installation completed successfully. The information below summarizes the location of the installed products.

For more information, see the debug log file at


Product Name :

PowerCenter 8.6.0

Components :

PowerCenter Services
PowerCenter Data Analyzer
PowerCenter Metadata Manager

Installation Directory :


Shortcut Folder :

Start > Programs > Informatica PowerCenter 8.6.0 > Services

PowerCenter Services Configuration

Administration Console URL : http://bisphyp:6001/adminconsole
Domain Name : Domain_bisphyp
Gateway Host Name : bisphyp
Administrator User Name : admin
Node Name : node01_bisphyp
Node Port Number : 6001
If you purchased PowerCenter Real Time Edition, you must configure the Informatica
Orchestration and Human Workflow server after you install. To configure the Informatica
Orchestration and Human Workflow server, run the script at

Step19:- Finally one last screen appears.

Don’t take any action. It will be automatically disappeared.

So, now you have successfully installed Informatica PowerCenter 8.6 server

IV) Installation of informatica client
Step 1: Go to client installation folder and click on bat field

Step 2: select install then click on next

Step 3: Click on next after read requirement

Step 4: Select brows and chose folder and then click next

Step 5: For install simply click on install

Step 6: Installing client machine

Step 7: Simple click on next.

Step 8: Select any button or simple click on done

Finish the installation of client.
V) How to validate informatica

Step 9: Check installation

Go to Start->All programs->informatica PowerCenter 8.6->Server->PowerCenter Administration console

Step 10: insert user name password

Step 11: Click on administration console

Step 12: Final window

Step 13: Check client installation

Go to Start->All programs->informatica PowerCenter 8.6->client->PowerCenter Design

Step 14: client window


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